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Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

Here Comes Sparky to Bolster Your Family’s Safety

Any smoke, fire, or CO detector is a good one, even if it’s battery-powered – provided, that is, you test the batteries at regular intervals to ensure the alarm will sound when triggered.

Still, nothing beats the effectiveness of hard-wired smoke and CO detectors – especially the kind with battery backup in case of an electrical power outage.

Hard-wired CO detectors, for example, are infinitely more effective than battery-only models. Here’s why:

  • Battery operated CO detectors typically don’t trigger until carbon monoxide levels have already reached a level capable of causing dizziness, headaches, nausea, and other common symptoms of CO poisoning.
  • By contrast, a hard-wired CO detector will sound its alarm even when a trace level of carbon monoxide gas is detected, thereby enabling you to take the appropriate action before incurring symptoms of CO poisoning.
  • When the alarm sounds from the CO detector nearest the leak, it will trigger all other hard-wired alarms in your home. That way, every family member is alerted early, and all at the same time.

Play it safe. Choose hard-wired vs. battery-only CO detectors. Expertly installed by Excel Electrical Technologies.

Smoke & Fire Alarm

Hard-wired smoke detectors, just like CO detectors, are infinitely more dependable than battery-operated models. And for some of the same reasons:

  • They’re wired through your home electrical system so all alarms trigger at the same time.
  • And yet, hard-wired and CO and smoke detectors have battery back-ups in case you lose power. So you’ll still want to test and replace those batteries periodically.
  • With battery back-up, you’ll enjoy double the protection for double the peace of mind.

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    How Many CO and Smoke Detectors Should I Have?

    How many CO detectors and smoke detectors are enough? Once we see the inside of your home, we can give you a precise recommendation. For now, we recommend installing CO and smoke detectors:

    • On each level of your home
    • Near each bedroom
    • In or near the kitchen
    • Near the furnace
    • In a family or media room, especially if you frequently fall asleep watching TV, etc.

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