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Three Kinds of Outlets to Choose From.
Before, it was Two Kinds…

If you’re looking to replace out-of-date outlets or add new ones, first consider what kind of outlets best suit your needs. We offer three basic types.

Three-pronged Outlets with USB Ports

Three-Pronged Outlets:

Three-prong plugs are the standard in home built after 2008. The rounded third prong on a plug is called a ground prong or grounding wire. Should an electrical malfunction damage the circuit, the grounding wire will protect you and your device from electric shock. Still have two-pronged outlets at home. Now’s a great time to have Sparky replace them.

Three-pronged Outlets With USB Ports:

Here’s a modern-day convenience for families with heaps of cell phones, iPads, iPods, and other such devices that need frequent charging. So, instead of having the look of spaghetti (from dangling wires) all over your home and people fighting for charger space, how about replacing one or more existing outlets with those that feature three-pronged outlets and USB cable ports on the same outlet. That means fewer wires, greater convenience…and suddenly, everyone’s happy.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets:

By code, GFCI outlets should be installed outdoors and anywhere indoors where water can come in contact with electricity. These are designed to prevent electric shock – and save lives – by shutting down the flow of electricity should water reach the electrical current. If you don’t already have GFCI outlets in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and elsewhere, you’ll want to now for your family’s added safety.

Electric Light Switches
Electric Light Dimmer

A dimmer switch lets you determine exactly how much light you want in that space at any given time, and to adjust the setting as you see fit. But just like everything else electronic, dimmer switch technology has evolved to keep pace with changing consumer habits and needs, including the need for greater convenience…hence, the advent of remote control dimmer switches.

We Offer And Install Three Types Of Dimmer Switches:

Touch Dimmers:

These help create a change in lighting with the touch of a button. Touch dimmers also come with a one-touch recall feature so you can return to the previous setting without having to reset the light.

Slide Dimmers:

Slide the dimmer up and down to change the light setting until you get it just right. We also can install slide dimmers that include light indicators, thus enabling you to return to the previous setting without trial and error.

Rotary Dimmers:

These feature round knobs vs. sliders for instant changes in lighting intensity. Some models include push-button control so you can turn the light on or off without changing the light setting.

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    Light Bulb Compatibility

    Our dimmer switches are compatible with the following types of bulbs:


    Compact Fluorescent

    Only certain brands are dimmer compatible, so check the package before purchasing


    Again, check the package for dimmer compatibility before purchasing.

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