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Let Sparky Ensure Your Family’s Added Convenience and Safety.

There’s no more important service we offer than whole-house wiring inspections, especially given their dual purpose: ensuring you have an adequate and safe supply of power going forward.

While every homeowner can benefit from periodic wiring inspections, this service is of particular importance to families with homes built 40 or more years ago. After all that time, there are bound to be new and updated electrical codes in place that require your compliance. Furthermore, household wiring deteriorates over time, as do sockets and switches.

Following a whole-house electrical inspection performed by the Sparky team of licensed l electricians, you can look forward to greater peace of mind, even if our inspection pinpoints the need for changes or repairs.

A Whole-House Electrical Wiring Inspection,
the Sparky Way

The following are just some of the steps included in our electrical wiring and safety inspection:

  • Check all switches and wall outlets to ensure proper wiring and functionality.
  • Check for shock and electrocution hazards.
  • Ensure your home is properly grounded.
  • Check your electrical service panel and assess its ability to provide adequate and safe levels of power.
  • Determine if your home electronics can withstand a powerful electrical surge.
  • Determine if you have an adequate number of smoke and fire alarms in all the right places.
  • Test your smoke and fire detectors.
  • Determine if you have GFCI outlets anywhere water can come in contact with electricity. These outlets are now required in all new home construction and remodeling projects.

There’s quite a bit more on our inspection checklist – all for your added convenience and safety.

Has it been a year or more since your last electrical wiring and safety inspection? If so, contact Excel Electrical Technologies today.

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