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Electrical Service Upgrade |
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The older your home and electrical service panel, the greater the likelihood it needs to be replaced. That’s especially true if blown fuses or tripped circuits are common occurrences.

The following factors also contribute to electrical power interruptions:

  • Old or faulty switches and outlets
  • Old or faulty wiring
  • Faulty appliances
  • Loose wiring
  • Short circuiting
  • Circuit overloads

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, or something equally troubling, we’d be happy to send one of our licensed electricians to your home to troubleshoot the problem and recommend exactly the right solution. A well-wired home is a safer home for all.

Electrical Panel Replacement | Circuit Breaker Upgrade

You know what else is likely to change over time? The number and sophistication of your home electronics! As you replace appliances and home entertainment equipment with new and “smarter” models, your home requires more electrical power to keep everything running smoothly, especially when multiple devices and appliances are running concurrently.

At your invitation, we’ll assess your family’s electrical power needs and determine how well your current electrical system stacks up against them. If more power is needed, we’ll recommend the right replacement circuit breaker system: 100 amps, 200 amps, or 400 amps – one that can handle all your electrical needs, current and planned.

Of course, added power isn’t the only reason to consider upgrading your home electrical service. With a new, properly wired circuit breaker comes added safety – both for your home and family.

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