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Think of It as Evening Wear for Your Home.

Does coming home to an unlit exterior make you feel a little down? It does for many people, which is one reason why more and more area homeowners are discovering the beauty and added security of exterior lighting.

We can install what you’ve already chosen or help you select  the right lighting plan and products.

Here’s a gallery of ideas to plug into your thinking cap.

Motion Sensitive Lights

These activate only when humans come within a specified range – which means that nocturnal animals or windswept greenery will not waste electricity. Motion sensitive lights are often installed on or near a garage door. They also help illuminate an otherwise dark backyard. If there are burglars on the loose, they’ll think more than twice about attempting a break-in from the front or back once your motion sensitive lights are securely in place.

Motion sensitive lights can be installed indoors, too, to help prevent tripping on a staircase or in the bathroom late at night.

Spotlights and Downlights

Unlike motion sensitive lights, spotlights stay on for as long as you leave them on. They help you keep an eye on nighttime outdoor activities around your home. They also help extend the amount of time you spend enjoying your deck, patio, or pool.

Let’s Get Started

    Footpath Lighting

    When you think about it, all outdoor lighting helps boost home safety since the more visible you are, the more readily easily you can be seen by others. Factor in low-voltage footpath lighting, and suddenly you have a well-lit and attractive pathway from your sidewalk to front door, from front to back, along flower or shrubbery beds, or anywhere else that can benefit from the glow of evening lights.

    LED Tree Lights

    With help from Sparky, you can create a year-round LED lighting scheme anywhere on your property for added beauty and visibility. Other advantages of outdoor LED lighting include:

    • Long lifespan
    • Low energy consumption
    • Able to withstand harsh conditions
    • Emit no heat
    • Contain no toxic chemicals

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