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When the Job Calls for Underground Wiring, Call on Sparky.

Let’s say you’re looking to add outlets and light fixtures to your detached garage or want to line your walkway with decorative lights. Either way, it’s a job for underground wiring.

Whatever the application, Excel Electrical Technologies has the skill and experience to install the right type of underground wires while meeting all local code requirements.

Our professional electricians will first work with you and your municipality to obtain work permits. We’ll also recommend where to install the wires for maximum safety and effectiveness.

The Benefits of Underground Cables and Wires

Instead of adding visual clutter to your property or neighborhood, let’s “go low” to reduce maintenance costs while improving curb appeal. Underground wiring requires no supporting materials, like poles, to remain stable.

Do you already have underground wires? Well, like any electrical wires, they don’t last forever. If the time is now to inspect, repair, and/or replace them, Sparky can do it all, and all to your complete satisfaction.

Contact us today to discuss your next electrical wiring project, underground or otherwise.

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