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Now You Can Charge Your EV in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

If you’re planning to buy your first electric or hybrid vehicle, three cheers for you. Reduced carbon footprint, conservation of fossil fuels, cleaner air, and no getting gouged at the gas pump – all that and more is just around the corner.

Unlike gas stations, which are still everywhere you look, public EV charging stations are still in relatively short supply. That means carving time out of your busy schedule to get the job done, all the while hoping there are no long lines there to greet you.

Well, now you can skip the lines and charge your vehicle at your convenience, even while you sleep. All you need is an EV charger of your own…one that’s expertly installed by Excel Electrical Technologies.

Added Convenience

Forget waking up super early to beat the rush to the public charging station. And forget going out in rough weather to get it done because you’ve already put it off long than you should have. Instead, charge your EV or hybrid at home and at your  convenience while sleeping, watching a movie, or doing whatever else you please.

Cost Efficient

Why pay a third party to charge your battery every time you need it when, for a one-time fee, you can have your own charger just a few short steps away. Though you’ll likely see a small spike in your electricity bill, you’ll still save money by avoiding public charging stations.

The price for a home EV charger, including installation, varies by quality and charging speed (Levels 1-3), but count on Sparky to explain your options, help determine your needs, and recommend the best EV charger solution for you.

Let’s Get Started

    Added Safety

    Charging at home is safer than at a public charging station, and for a few very good reasons. When you charge your EV car in public, your car can be vandalized or stolen – unless you stand guard the whole time.

    We also tend to your personal safety by installing EV chargers with great care, and by correcting any home wiring irregularities we encounter in the process.

    For example, Level 2 chargers require one dedicated 240-volt circuit for a safe and efficient charge. So, if you have just one circuit in your garage and it’s being used to power a refrigerator, we’ll either need to plug in the refrigerator elsewhere or install a new circuit to efficiently and safely handle both applications simultaneously.

    More Reasons to Choose Sparky

    Contact us today for a free and no-obligation proposal to install an EV charger of your own and start enjoying more free time and all the other benefits we help deliver.

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