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Added Safety Means Added Pleasure.

When it comes to wiring a new pool or hot tub, or inspecting existing wiring, not just any electrician will do. For absolute peace of mind, you need someone with oceans of experience in pool and hot tub wiring, replacement wiring, and electrical repair. That someone is Excel Electrical Technologies.

For new installations and routine safety inspections alike, we’ll make sure your pump, filters, heaters and lighting are wired correctly and efficiently. We’ll also ensure that all outdoor outlets are GFCI models and that other electrical code items are in full compliance.

Hot Tub Wiring Know How

For best results, call us well in advance of a planned pool or hot tub installation. That way, we can determine if the added power required for their use warrants an upgrade in your home electrical system or the addition of a sub panel.

During pool or hot tub installation, we’ll ensure that all lights are properly grounded while tending to other connection, performance, and safety matters.

Dedicated Hot Tub Circuit

Most hot tubs and pools require a dedicated circuit, one that  requires wiring to be run from the main electrical panel to the pool or hot tub. This can be a complex job.

So, for your family’s greater pleasure and safety – indoors or out – make Excel Electrical Technologies your go-to team for electrical installation, repair, and replacement.

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