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Underground Wiring

Electrical Wire Trenching | Locate Underground Wires

Excel Electric is installing an ever-increasing amount of underground electrical wire as satisfied customers spread the word to friends, neighbors, and associates about our specialized capabilities.

Let’s say, for example, that you want outlets and lights in your detached garage, one that currently has no source of electricity. That’s a job far better suited to underground wiring – both aesthetically and practically.

Detached garages, garden fountains, foot path lighting, pool houses…no matter what the application, we have the equipment, skill, and experience to handle any type of underground wiring or location job.

Once the lines have been installed using the right connectors for each specific job, our electricians will ensure they are working properly.

In fact, from basic conduit systems to electric meter installation and other underground wiring needs, we are highly qualified to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

To learn more or request an on-site inspection and proposal, contact the underground trenching and wiring pros at Excel Electric today.