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Unsafe Electrical Panels

Unsafe Electrical Panels | Replace Circuit Breaker Panel

We have a little homework for you.  It’s for your family’s added safety.

Here ‘s the assignment:  if your own was built before 1990, take just a minute or two to read the brand name on your home electrical panel. If you come up with Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric, the assignment continues.  Even if you don’t, we hope you’ll share this important safety information with family and friends.

Zinsco and Federal Pacific (FPE) simply don’t have what it takes to provide safe and reliable power for today’s electronics-heavy homes.

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Circuit Breakers

FPE panels were once all the rage.  In fact, they enjoyed a 30-year+ run of popularity that began in the mid-1950’s – back when I Love Lucy was just about the biggest thing on TV.

But here’s the difference:  while I Love Lucy is still watchable and funny, FPE panels just be scrapped at your first opportunity.  They’re prone to malfunction and start electrical fires. That makes them unsafe for your home and family. In fact, thousands of homeowners across the country have learned that lesson the hard way, including right here in Chicagoland.

Do you have an FPE panel in your home? If so, “Federal Pacific Electric” likely will be visible on the cover of your breaker box. Inside, look for the name Stab-Loc (the brand name of the circuit breakers). Then contact Excel Electric so we can begin the process of installing a safer and more reliable replacement model.

Zinsco Circuit Breakers

Zinsco electrical panels arrived later on the scene than FPE…in fact, about 20 years later starting in the mid-1970’s. To add to the drama, many GTE- Sylvania panels were Zinsco panels “in disguise”, meaning they were re-branded.  Not all GTE-Sylvania panels are defective, but it’s still worth your time to have Excel Electric make that determination for you.

Regardless of the brand name, Zinsco – now out of business – was the manufacturer.

The circuit breakers inside their flawed panels melt to the main ‘bus bar’. That means the breaker can’t trip even when there’s a short or overloaded circuit. That malfunction, in turn, is prone to convert melted wires into electrical fires.

So remember:  check the brand name on or inside your circuit breaker panel. If you find the FPE, Zinsco, or GTE-Sylvania, call us right away. We’re not trying to alarm you, but we are trying to keep you safe.