Bathroom lighting isn’t just about illumination, as the saying goes. It’s about appearance, brightness, and how it helps or hinders your daily preparations.

Simple enough, right? Not so simple – not when you consider all the many lighting options you have for bathrooms large and small, elegant and basic, modern and classic, and so on.

Here are some key factors and options to keep in mind either for your new bathroom or to replace existing bathroom lighting.

Location – Your design preferences and the amount of space available to work with will dictate where to place new lighting fixtures.

  • Wall sconces placed on both sides of your bathroom mirror are ideally suited to lighting up the sink and surrounding counter area.
  • In a narrow bathroom, consider mounting sconces on the side walls for more effective illumination.
  • If size and position of the vanity make it impractical to mount fixtures on either side of the mirror, opt for an above-the-mirror fixture with higher wattage bulbs so light falls evenly over the sink.

Design – Light fixture styles and finishes provide an opportunity to reinforce bathroom décor while introducing an added touch of character. When selecting a style, consider how the fixture will look next to other elements such as the vanity, tile, and overall color scheme.

Water Safety – If you want new fixtures close to the tub or shower, look for those with a “damp” rating. Damp-rated lights are designed to withstand moist environments.

Bulbs – While clear bulbs with filaments are quite popular, choose frosted or opaque bulbs that won’t cast shadows. Always check the maximum wattage the fixture is rated for to ensure optimum light output and to help prevent electrical problems.

Dimmers – Sure, you want the right amount of light for applying make-up or shaving, but you might enjoy softer light while relaxing in the tub. Dimmers can provide the best of both worlds.

Overhead Lighting – Ambient lighting is achieved most often from ceiling and overhead lights. Upgrade your existing flush-mount ceiling light with an elegant schoolhouse shade or make a statement in a spacious bath with a vintage-inspired chandelier. In a low-ceiling space or for a streamlined look, opt for a true flush mount ceiling fixture.

Here at Excel Electric, our team of licensed and experienced electricians can help you select exactly the right lighting for your bathroom – or anywhere else in your house. And, as always, you can count on safe and reliable installation.  Contact us today to schedule service.