How the Right Lighting Enhances Home Safety

When it comes to creating a safe and secure home environment, we tend to focus on the usual suspects: installing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, keeping areas free...


What You Need to Know About Pendant Lighting

Of all the interior lighting options available, pendant lights offer one of the best opportunities to make a statement while illuminating an area. Available in a wide range of sizes,...


Let There Be Light – All Around Your Property

A manicured lawn, mature plantings, colorful flowers, and a welcoming entry – you’ve finally achieved curb-appeal nirvana. You might even drive by your own home a time or two before...


Hot Ideas for Indoor Lighting

Is your home screaming “drab and dreary” for lack of a dynamic lighting scheme? If so, it’s time to discover how the right lighting package can work wonders on its...


The Multiple Uses of Recessed Lights

Can lights, down lights, pot lights – whatever you call them, recessed lights have the ability to illuminate an entire room, add task lighting over a work area, or deliver...


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