The right bathroom lighting can add healthy doses of style and functionality, making your morning, nighttime, or anytime routine flow more smoothly. Whether you’re looking for bright task lighting, soothing wall lighting, or a techy, automated experience, there’s a solution to meet your needs and design aesthetic.

Here are just a few bathroom lighting solutions to consider.

Lighted Mirror – For a sleek, modern look, a lighted mirror provides the benefits of full lighting or the ambience of dim or soft lighting. Several options include adjustable settings from full brightness down to 25 percent or less, with presets including warm white, neutral, and daylight.

Vanity Lights – Add a touch of glam to your bathroom with vanity lights. Consider glass lampshades, rotating lamp heads, and luxe finishes for a sophisticated experience.

Recessed Shower Lights – Shower-safe, waterproof recessed lights can withstand high humidity and even the occasional splash while illuminating your shower or bathtub.

Chandelier – Transform your bathroom from purely functional to luxurious with a chandelier positioned over a stand-alone soaking tub or in the center of the room.

Lighted Exhaust Fan – Kill two birds with one stone with a lighted exhaust fan. It provides additional light while removing excess moisture during and after a shower or bath.

Sconces – Whether framing a bathroom mirror, a piece of art, or simply mounting one or more on a wall, sconces add dimension along with enhanced mood.

Pendant Lights – Purposeful, minimalist, and beautiful, pendant lights provide extra light where you need it most. Try them over a free-standing tub, over a vanity, or a cluster of pendant lights in lieu of a chandelier in the center of the room.

Recessed Lighting – For a purely minimalist approach, choose rust-proof recessed lighting to illuminate the entire bathroom. Add a dimmer so you can select your desired level of brightness.

Over-the-Mirror Lighting – One of the most common bathroom lighting options, over-the-mirror lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and styles. They’re great for shining a light on your daytime or evening routine and can even serve as the only light in a powder room.

What do all these lighting options have in common? The need for a licensed and experienced electrician to assist you in planning your lighting scheme before managing all aspects of the installation. Remember – as important as beauty and style might be, safety outweighs them all. Contact us today for a free quote.