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Simple Tasks to Improve Your Life

If you’re like most people, you’re constantly on the lookout out for ways to feel more satisfied, more productive, and less stressed. Yet with the pressures of day-to-day life, it’s easy to feel bogged down with time-consuming goals. After all, significant change takes energy and commitment. But trying to implement too much at once can make one feel overwhelmed, which often leads to quitting.

This is why many experts believe that small changes and their subsequent victories are the key to real and sustainable change. So to help you achieve just that, here are 7 quick wins around the home you can feel good about—and they require minimal effort on your part.

  1. Make Your Bed Every Day

A nicely made bed signals it’s time to start your day and may help you resist the urge to jump back under the covers. Research shows making your bed every morning may encourage productivity through a feeling of accomplishment. What’s more, a made bed reduces visual clutter making, easing your mind at bedtime.

  1. Have Defined Spaces

It’s easy to blur the lines between home and work, especially for those working remotely. If your goal is to maintain a work-life balance, create intentional spaces for these different activities. A separate workspace helps you focus and be more productive. When it’s time to “clock out”, it’s easier to mentally leave your work in one place rather than have it follow you throughout the house. Additionally, a dedicated workspace signals to others that you’re working and should not be disturbed.

  1. Remove Visual Clutter

Do you have a pile of dirty laundry on the bedroom chair or by your bed? Is the mail piling up on the kitchen counter? Little messes add up – and quickly. Focus on decluttering small areas at a time to help prevent feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be a major project to have a major impact. Put dirty laundry into the hamper, sort through mail and sign-up for auto-billing to reduce mail clutter, and make a habit of putting recycling into a bin in the garage or other designated space.

  1. Ban Electronics from the Bedroom

Many people are attached to their devices during evening hours. Yet according to the Sleep Foundation, the lights and sounds from electronics can negatively impact sleep by stimulating the mind and disrupting melatonin production. Remove as many devices from your bedroom as you can for a better night’s sleep and a more refreshed morning.

  1. Create an End-of-Day Routine

Your favorite shops and restaurants have end-of-the-day procedures to leave things in good order for the following day. Create a simple routine at home that signals the end of the day and prepares you for a successful tomorrow. For example, put away children’s toys, pack lunches, load and run the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, or prepare an outfit for work.

  1. Tackle Quick Tasks Immediately

Whenever possible, complete any task that takes 2 minutes or less right away instead of putting it off until later. For example, rinse the cereal bowl and place it in the dishwasher instead of leaving it on the counter or in the sink. Put things back where they belong instead of piling them on the counter. Tackling small, manageable tasks immediately helps reduce stress.

  1. Add Some Light

One of the best ways to boost mood, performance, and creativity is with proper lighting. If your home feels dark, bring some thoughtfully-designed lighting into your space. Warm-toned lights create a cozy, relaxing space while lighting that mimics daylight helps you feel more awake and refreshed. And don’t forget good old natural light – open window coverings to let in more sunshine and boost your mood.

And that’s where we come in. If you have an area of your home that you would like to spruce up with interior lighting that not only illuminates but makes a statement as well, contact Excel Electrical Technologies today. We can provide you with a variety of lighting solutions to meet your household’s needs and budget.